Best of the Best & Special Awards

Our show will conclude with a beautiful best of the best presentation with special awards. We currently have the following planned:

Top-3 Best of the Best

Best of the best will be awarded at the conclusion of the show to the top-3 highest scoring cats, kittens, alters, household pets, and household pet kittens in show.

Best of the Best Shorthairs

We will also recognize the best shorthair cat, kitten, alter, household pet and household pet kitten in show.

Blue Yonder Award

The cat that has the color "blue" in its color description with the highest score of all the cats, kittens, alters, HHPs, and HHP kittens will receive this special award. This cat can be a solid blue, blue tabby, blue torbie, blue tortie, etc. or any of these and white.

The recepient of the Blue Yonder Award will receive a beautiful piece of art glass.

Tina Chase Memorial Award

Tina Chase was a very special member of the First in Flight family. We were all diminished when she was taken from us. Showing alters, she always wanted to be in the best of the best but show after show she ended up 4th.

In her memory we will present a special award to the 4th best alter in show.

Jo Parris Memorial Award

Jo was a special person not only to First in Flight, but to the Southeast Region and TICA as a whole.  She was recognized as the TICA Southeast Region "Southern Star" and as a TICA Treasure as well.  

In her memory we will present a special award to the highest scoring Himalayan in show.

Supreme Rosettes

Each cat achieving a SUPREME title at this show will receive a beautiful rosette honoring their achievement.


Other special awards may also be offered. We will update this page with any changes.