TICA Southeast Region March Show Incentives

While there are lot of shows on the calendar between now and March, it's never to early to start thinking and planning for our spring shows.

That's especially true of three shows planned in the SE region this coming March. Yes, there are three shows on consecutive weekends, and we hope you will be able to join us for all of them. In joint cooperation, these shows have come
together to offer you special incentives to enter all three shows.

The shows are:

* MysTICALl Moon Cat Club - Cocoa, FL - March 14-15, 2015

* Alabama Paws & Claws - Anniston, Al - March 21-22, 2015

* Southern SophisTICAts - Forest Park, GA - March 28-29, 2015

The incentives if you enter all three shows are:

* MysTICAl Moon - Free lunch on Saturday at the show and $10 in raffle tickets

* Alabama Paws & Claws - $10 in raffle tickets for the March show and $15 off your total entry fees at the 2015 Southeast Regional show next summer

* Southern SophisTICAts - Free grooming space

OK ... now here's how this works ...

* If you are entered in all three shows by MysTICAl Moon's closing date, you will get the incentives for all shows.

* If you enter Alabama Paws and Claws and Southern SophisTICAts after MysTICAl Moon closes, but you did enter MysTICAl Moon, then you get the Alabama Paws & Claws and Southern SophisTICAts incentives.

* If you enter Southern SophisTICAts after Alabama Paws and Claws and MysTICAl Moon closed, but had entered the two previous shows, then you get Southern SophisTICAts incentive.

* If you entered all three March shows, you get the Alabama Paws and Claws incentive of $15 off your total entry fees for the 2015 Southeast Regional.

AND ... there is an additional incentive!  A donation of a Sturdi tent has been made to the incentives.  If you enter all three shows your names will be included in a drawing to win this Sturdi tent.  The drawing will be held on Sunday at Southern Sophisticats!

If you have any questions, let us know! So, get your entries in for all those upcoming shows and pencil in MysTICAl Moon, Alabama Paws and Claws, and Southern Sophisticats on your calendar!

Entry Clerk - MysTICAl Moon & Alabama Paws and Claws

Entry Clerk - Southern SophisTICAts